Framaroot : Download Official Framaroot APK

Framaroot is yet the best app to root Android devices in just one click. Do you want to root your Android smartphone? If yes, then this article is the perfect place for you! Unfortunately, Framaroot App is not available in Google Play Store. You’ve to download framaroot apk in third party sources. But few sites […]

Why are Offline Retailers Going Digital?

The retail industry in India accounts for 8% of employment opportunities in the country and is poised for a promising growth. India is the 5th largest retail destination in the world. Over the last decade there has been a remarkable transformation in the retail industry. Brick and mortar stores have had to compete with numerous […]

RevenueHits Review: The Best Among All

Do you have a blog that doesn’t generate enough money you expect? Well, Today I’d like to introduce an ad network called RevenueHits. One of my homies earns more than $300-500 per month by using this ad network. Here in this article, I’d like to share my review of RevenueHits. Introduction to RevenueHits Publisher’s and […] Lag Problem: How to Fix Lag Problem: As you all know is one of the most intensive games which is gaining popularity at fast rate. is a combination of and Nokia old Snake game :P. One of my favorite game is, and I faced one problem that was “LAG“. Nobody likes the laggy game isn’t? Yes, […]

How to Zoom out in have not officially released zooming feature, but when you grow big, it automatically zooms out. But you can zoom in / out by using Chrome Web Extension. But to be honest, it is kind of cheating trick and taking advantage where most people don’t do. But it is your wish whether you want to […]